In 2016 DISCvision started to explore the possibility of combining DISC-insights in human behaviour and communication preferences with market research questions. Prevalent research outcomes are more or less reliable descriptions of past behaviour. As market research needed to focus more on unknown future decisions, neuro-marketing research was introduced. The use of MRI-scans to explore the brain in action while watching adverts is not a method for large scale use. So DISCvision set off to develop a market research model that adds DISC-lifestyle profiles to the ordinary questionnaires.

DISCvision Behavioural Economics provides several fast-track DISC-lifestyle research methods. We combine research speed with value adding psychological insights and provide answers to the question WHY DO PEOPLE AS THEY DO? Combining the DISC based HRM- insights, DISC-lifestyle and geo-marketing provides our clients with a one stop shopping concept in human behaviour and communication insights. The fast growing number of clients in healthcare/pharma, retail/shopping malls and urban development are very satisfied with the fact based insights. We are looking forward to getting in touch with you!