“Mistakes are the portals of discovery”

James Joyce

DISCvision is a network company. We connect our insights and research modules with local as well as international (research) joint ventures. Sometimes we are the leading consultant but more often we provide the behavioural economic insights within larger research contracts of third parties.

In The Netherlands the healthcare research is conducted in cooperation with samhealth. DISC in human resource management within de BeNeLux is delivered by DISC Factor. Our datawarehouse is serviced by 2gather. DISCdataLab is our domestic joint venture.

Within The Netherland we are located at the following offices.

DISCvision is located at Kuipersweg 2N 3449JA in Woerden.

DISCdataLab (2gather) is located at Maliebaan 87 3581 CG Utrecht

samhealth is located at Amersfoortseweg 38, 3951 LC Maarn

DISC Factor is located at Kerkewijk 92, 3904 JG Veenendaal.

If you are interested to learn more about DISCvision and our portfolio in behavioural economics services you are kindly requested to contact Douwe Reitsma.




Kuiperweg 2N 3449JA Woerden